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About Monumen Tanjung Puri

E-book short history of development Monuments Tanjung Puri

On the Day of Tabalong to 21 December 1, 1986, the Local Government along Tabalong society, in some of its activities fairly solid event commemorating the historic day, among other efforts groundbreaking ceremony of the monument Mabu’un location.

Witnessed by thousands of citizens, the day the first stone was laid by the Governor of South Kalimantan, Ir. H. M. Said.

Following Mr. Vice Governor of Region I Abdulgafar Hanafi, Regent Tabalong Dandung Sukhowardi, mistress Nurhayati Dandung Chairman of Parliament Tabalong Muhammad Arsad. A simple ceremony was attended as well by Mr. Sekweida Tk I Kalsel H.Gt.Syamsir Alam, the Regent Pan South Kalimantan and the Invitation.

Traditional music

About Madihin

Distinctive Arts of South KalimantanDerived from the word madah in Arabic which means “advice”, but it can also mean “praise”) is a genre of poetry from the Banjar tribe. This anonymous folk poem with Madihin genre only exists among Banjar ethnic groups in South Kalimantan alone. In this connection, the definition of Madihin cannot be formulated by adopting it from treasures outside of Banjar folklore. Tajuddin Noor Ganie (2006) defines Madihin with the following formulation: anonymous folk entertainment type which is written or written in Banjar language with certain physical forms and mental forms in accordance with the applicable conventions specifically in the treasures of Banjar folklore in South Kalimantan.

Computer Application

About Introduction to computers

Recognition and learning about computers and gadgets

As it is known that part of the computer consists of hardware, software and brainware interconnected and we need to know the shape and understanding. In this educational application is also removed around the world including gadgets that now has become pelaratan mandatory that we have.

to sharpen our memory in this app there is also a light quiz and guess the image that we can play and will be given the final score of the results of our response.finally we wish this app can be beneficial and useful for us all.

” Leerning the key to your success “

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